Den Chief Program

Our Den Chief Program is a proud tradition here at Troop 37. A Den Chief is a former Webelos scout who wishes to contribute to the leadership of his former Pack. A Den Chief must go through our training program first.

Den Chief Coordinator: Dan Case    408-839-8698    casefamily22@yahoo.com

Requirements: Troop 37 Den Chief Policy
  1. Den chief positions begin and end with the school year (September 1 through June 1). Second-year Webelos den chief positions end with graduation (September 1 through March 1). All den chiefs must begin their service in September, not in mid-year.
  2.  Den chiefs will get 9 months of leadership credit (from 9/1 through 6/1), or six months  of leadership credit (from 9/1 through 3/1) for 2nd year Webelos dens, regardless of the dates of the actual first and last den meetings attended. The leadership credit needed by each individual scout to advance rank is dependent on when the scout attained the previous rank. For example, if a den chief becomes First Class on 2/15, the leadership credit he earns from 2/15 through 6/1 will count towards Star advancement, as calculated by TroopMaster.
  3. Den chiefs should be at least 2nd Class (i.e. working on First Class) in order to sign up.
  4. Den chiefs must take the Den Chief Training Class, generally offered in September by Stanford District or Troop 37.
  5. Den chiefs should not be assigned to dens run by their parents or including a sibling. The goal is for them to develop leadership skills by working with adults and cub scouts with whom they do not have a previous relationship.
  6. Den chiefs are expected to attend at least 80% of all den meetings and den outings as well as any graduation ceremonies. Attending Pack meetings is strongly encouraged.
  7. Den chief duties include those listed in the Den Chief Handbook as well as any duties assigned by the den leader.
  8. Troop 37 will provide the Den Chief patch & cord when the den chief begins his assignment.
  9. Any exceptions to this policy for individual scouts must be approved by the Den Chief Coordinator.
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