BSA Training

BSA Training for Adults in the Troop or Crew

REMINDER: we need to track your training, any time you do any BSA related training send certificate copies to "training@troop37.info"

Send all BSA certificates, but also anything related like Red Cross, or Wilderness survival, etc.

Trip Leader Training

The following material was presented at the 2011 Adult Leader Training Sessions

Adult Advisor Training

Trip Advisor's Guide - Information for new and experienced trip leaders


Becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster

The role of Assistant Scoutmaster is very important in Troop 37. An adult can begin their leadership with this role and evolve it into many different roles.Helping out with Monday meetings, or attending outings can lead to a very fullfilling role in the troop. With added training, one can lead backcountry trips into the wilderness. But whatever level of involvement is desired, a new Assistant Scoutmaster is welcomed to attend any event and make the Scouting experience even better for our boys.

Performing a Scoutmaster Conference

Our troop has assembled a procedure for performing a scoutmaster conference so that any of the Assistant Scoutmasters can particpate in this important review and rank advancement.

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