Gold Rush Adventure


2016 Gold Rush signup page for T37 ScoutsTroop 37 at the Gold Rush Adventure at Boulder Creek Scout Camp.

Webelos, email jfpgaffney@yahoo.com to sign up for Gold Rush Adventure

(Please include your name, your Scout’s name, your phone number, and your address.)

 Troop 37 Scouts, sign up for the event on our calendar:  T37 Calendar

Boy Scout Troop 37 invites you to join us for a weekend of fun and adventure at the Gold Rush Adventure campout October 14-16, 2016, at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation.

Gold Rush gives Webelos scouts a chance to check out Boy Scouts by camping together with the troop for the weekend.  Scouts can use this campout to satisfy requirements for camping with Boy Scouts for the Arrow of Light Award or Outdoorsman activity badge.  At the same time, the boys can see what pioneer life was like, with Gold Rush-themed activities, demonstrations, and trading post. 

Please register by September TBD.  Webelos Scouts and one parent or adult per Scout can attend without cost as guests of Troop 37, as long as they register by September TBD.

For more information, contact us at: jfpgaffney@yahoo.com

What to bring: 

For Troop 37 Scouts, check out the Gear List

For Webelos, check out the personal equipment list below. and label everything with permanent marker.

Dinner for Friday night, or eat before you come
Webelos handbook
Webelos Uniform (a must!)
Beanie (it can be chilly at night)
Hat (it can be sunny during the day)
Duffel bag
Flashlight, extra batteries
Water bottle
Rain gear (should cover all the scout)
Good shoes or hiking boots
Blankets or Sleeping bag
Tent to share with your buddies, or bring a tarp and a waterproof ground sheet and make your own tent!
Foam pad or air mattress
Personal cook kit (plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon, knife)
Toilet kit (toothbrush, tooth paste, small towel, soap)
Extra personal clothes (pants, shirt, underwear, and socks)
Small day pack or fanny pack to carry water bottle and snacks on hikes

Leave at home:

Electronic equipment (video games, radios, tape players and CDs)
Hatchets and axes
Knives, unless you have a whittlin’ chip card with you and abide by your pledge
Candle lanterns (no flames in tent)


Plan for cool days and cool nights (always be prepared for rain)


       Label everything with Permanent Marker!



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