Joining Troop 37

Joining Troop 37


Joining Our Troop

Thank you for your interest in joining Troop 37. First things first. Your son is eligible to join the Boy Scouts of America, if one of the following is true:

  • be 11 years old.
  • or be 10 years old and have been a Cub Scout and earned your Arrow of Light Award.
  • or be 10 years old and have completed the 5th grade.


  • you must not have reached the age of 18.

Troop 37 meets Monday evenings 7:30 to 9:00. These regular meetings happen when the local schools are in session. During holiday breaks and during the summer there is a more limited schedule. Troop 37 has many other optional activities outside the meetings. These activities are usually scheduled for weekends. During the summer months there are usually two or three, one week camps available.

Another optional activity for New Scouts is the annual Kayak build. New Scouts are encouraged to build their own, water worthy Kayak.

Troop 37 Recruitment Video
Troop 37 Registration and Training

Troop 37 Registration and Training


Troop 37 has several programs to assist New Scouts in getting up to speed. These programs begin late in February:

  • Skills Training: the New Scouts will be assigned to a Skills patrol, in that patrol they will receive some basic scout training. It will help them to rapidly advance so that they can enjoy the full range of scouting activities.
  • Kayak Build: the Troop guides the Scout and Parent through the process of building the Scouts own Kayak. Several group work days and a lot of work on their own bring them to a functioning Kayak.
  • Kayak Camp: a week long camp held within the first few weeks after school lets out for the summer. The camp includes more skills training as well classes in specific Merit badges. There is also plenty of water front time for swimming or using their new Kayak.
  • Skills Training Weekend: This is our first campout of the year and it's a highly recommended event for all new scouts. 

To join the Troop you will need to submit a number of forms and yearly membership fees and is contingent on space availability. The membership year is February 1 to January 31 of the following year. The Troop pro-rates your membership fees based on which quarter you join in. Use the following table for guidance:

Month you are joining the Troop New Members  
Feb/Mar/Apr $200  February is the recommended time to Join
May/Jun/Jul $150  
Aug/Sep/Oct $100  
Nov $100 + $200 you must pre-pay the next year
    Dec   no new memberships, Crew/Troop re-charter activities only
               Jan $200 Webelos and other new scouts that will be enrolled in February

If you want to join the troop, please leave your contact information: Click Here (New Scout Contact Information web form)

If you are just interested, and have any questions, feel free to contact us:   clarecdelaney@gmail.com


Gold Rush Adventure

Boys Scout Troop 37 invites you to join us for a weekend of fun and  
adventure at the Gold Rush Adventure campout 
Next Event = (Fall dates TBD), 2016, at (location TBD,  
but usually at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation). 
Gold Rush Adventure (formerly known as Mountain  
Man Rendezvous) gives Webelos scouts a chance to  
check out Troop 37 by camping together with the troop  
for the weekend.  
Cub Scouts can use this campout to satisfy requirements for  
camping with Boy Scouts for the Arrow of Light Award  
or Outdoorsman activity badge.  
At the same time, the boys can see what pioneer life was like,  
with Gold Rush-themed activities, demonstrations, and trading post.  

Webelos, go to this page for signups:

 Gold Rush Adventure 


Troop 37 Scouts, please go to our calendar for  
Gold Rush Adventure enrollment.  

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