Joining the Crew


NOTE: this is out of date and is only a guide line, contact the Crew's Adult Advisor Mary Rose Theis. (jan 17, 2015)

 Thank you for your interest in Crew 37.

First things first. Your are eligible to join the Venturing Crew if one of the following is true:

  • be 14 years old.
  • or be 13 years old and have completed the 8th grade.

And you must not have reached the age of 21

Membership in a Venturing Crew is open to both females and males.

To join Crew 37 you will need to submit a number of forms and yearly membership fees.

The membership year is February 1 to January 31 of the following year. The Crew pro-rates your membership fees based on which quarter you join in. In addition there are some fee adjustments that apply to current members of Troop 37, use the following table for guidance:

Month you are joining Crew New Members

Current Members of a Pac Sky Troop, Crew, Ship, etc.

Feb/Mar/Apr $35 $25  
May/Jun/Jul $25 $15  
Aug/Sep/Oct $15 $10  
Nov $10 + $35 $10 + $25 you must pre-pay the next year
    Dec/Jan     no new memberships, Crew/Troop re-charter activities only

Current Scouts registered within Pacific Skyline Council get a $10 credit per year, acknowledging that some costs are shared within the council.

To join the Crew there are a few forms that need to be filled in.

    1) a BSA youth application

    2) a Personal Health, Medical Release and Consent form

    3) Venturing Oath, Code & Crew 37 Code of Conduct

    4) We need a copy of the front and the back of the insurance card that covers the Crew member.

    5) yearly Crew fee per the table above.   Make your check payable to "Troop 37"

PLEASE NOTE: The annual re-registration drive is scheduled for November, and the medical forms and releases, as well as the insurance cards will need to be resubmitted each year.

If you are interested, please leave your contact information: CLICK HERE

If you have any questions feel free to contact me:

Mary Rose Theis the current Crew Advisor

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